Cancel/Change Policy

We understand that plans can change, and sometimes you might need to make adjustments to your order. You have a window of 4 hours from the time of placing your order to cancel or make changes. Simply head to the “Contact Us” section, create a ticket, or reach out to our customer support here. However, once this 4-hour period elapses, we regret to inform you that we won’t be able to accommodate any further order cancellations or modifications.

    A gentle reminder: it’s crucial to double-check and ensure the accuracy of your delivery address when placing an order. The responsibility falls on the customer to provide the correct details. Please be aware that any issues arising from product non-delivery due to address errors will not be the liability of Centurynp. We appreciate your attention to detail and cooperation in ensuring a smooth order experience. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer support for assistance.

Or contact us:

[email protected]

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